Who am i?

If this is a question that burns inside of you, stealing your sleep and making your food tasteless, you are on the very interesting and exciting path.

Unfortunately no one will ever tell you truth even so there is a tons of people who will tell you all sorts of things, with truth, you have to realise it.

On the same note whatever truth you will hear will not make any difference to you unless this is part of your life experience.

If you had enough of pain of not knowing who you really are, drop me email and see for yourself how far the rabbit hole go’s . I can only help you to get there, i will not deliver you there in the taxi, but i will support you in getting there at all time. It will not be easy ride, it will cause you even more pain and suffering and you must be ready for it.

Similar to when you have tooth ache, you go to the dentist so he or she can inflict more pain in order to bring you relief.

The big question is,  ARE YOU READY?