What would you do if you started to realise that you where living in a world of illusions and now you are ready to take control of your life.
If you as much as thought about it you must have missed the whole essence of that what is you. There is nothing that you SHOULD or MUST!
When you REALISE that, there will be nothing else left for you to do but do exactly what you want!
You definitely do not know if you are heading in the right direction or not, also you do not know what is at the end of this journey. By doing exactly what you want you are at least becoming happy.
Isn’t that what you always wanted in your life, to be happy?
If you feel like this site or You tube channel helped you in any way, then please let others know about it and help them to find their way to this website and information on it. If you wish to help us too, you can do this in many ways. If you are fluent in a language that is currently not supported on this site, then help us to translate it. If you have skills like graphic or web design, playing music or have the ability to print t-shirts, please drop us an email and donate some of your work to us. If you cannot think of a skill to contribute, then donate some “money” so that we can hire someone with the skill set that we need. Most importantly please do what you really want to do and be tremendously happy and successful with that as it is the only thing that will make those who are sleep walking beside you, want to wake up!
There is no need for violence destruction of property or burning of tyres on the streets, that happens only when people do not REALISE who they are and what they REALLY WANT. If you are to become a true anarchist you will realise that there is no point in breaking capitalist and governmental systems as by doing this you impose the system of not having any systems. Evidently any new system that is imposed will not be acceptable to everyone and if you force those who disagree with you to obey and follow your system, then you defeat whole point of anarchy.
You have to define what you want, otherwise there is no way of getting it! You will always be running with hope that what you need is right behind the horizon.

Let’s say that you live on the street with 10 houses with 10 people in each of them. One day you decided to go on protest against bankers and the whole financial system. Let’s analyse this situation closely, does this system that you are fighting exist in the physical world in the same reality as your biological body exist? Can you cut a piece from it in the same way as you can cut a brunch off a tree? Can you destroy the financial system when you smash every single building on this planet if no one of all people care about those buildings?
What you are really fighting with is not some system, but to make changes in the people’s heads as all systems that ever existed are always based on people beliefs and opinions!