I think you will agree with me that one who decide what is good for you, what is valuable by you and how much your labour is worth is your SLAVE MASTER. I am not telling you that everything that i say in the following video is truth, i am simply asking to look at those videos from the position of: WHAT IF it is the truth?

Ultimately all of us strive for happiness, anyone can be delightfully happy 24/7 and if you are not, then something is not right. If you are still not happy 24/7 that can only mean that whatever you were doing to be happy before now, is not working.


There unlimited numbers of possibilities in what you can consider to be that which will make you happy all the time. You not disregard any of them until you give them a try one after the other no matter how ridicules they may sound to you at first.

If you think you are not happy because one of those, you have no money, you are surrounded by stupid people, your boss is an idiot, you know it better or because of conspiracy or corruption of the government,  you will never be happy as your happiness depends on external factors. Something or someone outside of you has to do or change something before you will become happy.

Fail to see it and you are doomed for eternal suffering as in this physical world where your body exist,  things only come to you as reaction on your own actions. If you disagree with me, simply jump into the deep river or sea and do nothing by yourself, you will drown. You have to swim, your reward purely depends on your action; if you cannot swim, you have to scream, so that your ACTION of screaming can cause REACTION from someone else in the form of help.

If everything that you were doing up to date did not yield in you being happy 24/7 that indicates that you do not know what you really are and what you really want. Please do not get upset, just consider this as one of those possibilities that you need to explore as part of the search for the happiness.

As human beings we already have everything we need to be happy in this physical reality. We created thousands of things that are for our benefit. We got everything we need, that is why it is so hard to see THE source of the problems that we collectively experiencing. Not because we do not have something but because we do not understand how to operate what we got. It is like having a bike, it can be the same bike that Tour de France winner used for win the race but if we sit on it and pedal in in wrong direction, we will get frustrated and will want something else, something that works.

This site, this blog or video channel, whatever you like to call it is not here to teach you anything, in fact it is not here for you at all, it is here for me only. In our life’s many of us believe that we do something’s for other people. That is illusion, when you give money to beggar on the street you are not giving them for him to have it, you are giving to fill relief within your self, from knowing that now beggar will eat. You do that to suppress your OWN discomfort from seeing someone suffering.

If i wanted to teach you i would have to become silent as this is the only thing that will allow you to hear me, as silence, emptiness or void is the only truth that exists. Unfortunately those who are searching the web for the answers are not yet ready for learning. In order to learn anything the student has to be more silent then teacher and when you become more quite then silence it self you will not need anyone as whole natural reality will be your teacher.