Let’s start with definitions of law
Oxford dictionary defines LAW as – The system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties
Most modern legal systems like civil law derive from the Roman law model. Basically you have a small group of people who represents the rest of citizens in a so called country. You have some sort of parliament where those who are chosen, vote and pass different rules or laws as we call them.

Please see that the legal system and politics are not different, they are the same thing. They are all cogs of the same machine, even if you do not see it this way at the moment. It is totally irrelevant whether the law or rule was created by tyranny of the monarch or by vote in parliament as mechanics in the process of what happens next is the same. In any case, law is passed down to law enforcement bodies to enforce the rule.
In fact despotic tyranny is a far more honest system than so called democracy as in tyranny you are perfectly clear and informed that you not allowed your own opinion or you will be exterminated. In democratic society we have freedom of speech and all politicians portray this as huge achievement.  If you still believe that freedom of speech is a great achievement rather than grate illusion, please tell me how much can you accomplish if you speak about things but do not do a stroke of work? In this physical reality in order to change something you must produce physical action of work. If you only talk, then nothing ever changes! When you are hungry try to talk about it and describe what how you will cook your meal. Talking gets you nowhere, you still are and always will be hungry! If you say no words but get up and cook your food and eat, that action is the only thing that will make the difference.
Let’s say that YOU LIVE in a country that has freedom of speech and also has mandatory motor insurance. Anything that is mandatory is corrupt as it puts you at a disadvantaged position from which you cannot fight on the same level as your adversary. Freedom of speech allows you to talk about things that you dislike or do not want but LAW forbids and punish you as soon as you carry out any action towards your goal as actions are the only thing that brings change. By LAW you can talk as much as you like, but do not  DO ANYTHING.
Many people will say, you live in that country and you have to follow rules and right procedures if you disagree with something. The key part of illusion is a statement that you are living in the country, YOU ARE NOT! The country and its legal system is only conceptual idea that exists in the mind of people. Countries are not present in this physical reality they only exist in the fantasy world inside the imagination of people. In the same way there are no names for the continents or animals, it just so have happened that we name them, it is our mind that creates those intellectual concepts.
Historically it is a proven fact that maintaining a tyrannical power structure is extremely difficult as it is requires much a larger law enforcement body that will have to act aggressively and will meet a lot of resistance. History is full of revolutions and killings of monarch if not sure, ask the “Russians” or the “French” they know a lot about it.
Let’s look at a simplified model and imagine the whole population of a country is 10 people. One of them is a despotic tyrant who invents the rules at he wish them to be, now we are left with 9 people. We will divide the rest of population into two categories, ordinary citizens and members of the law enforcement body.
In this physical reality, every biological organism needs a constant supply of nutrients in order to stay alive and there is only one way you can get those nutrients. You can only get them from the planet by producing the labour like collecting apples or a bit more complex like planting seeds and harvesting them later, so every citizen must produce labour in order to sustain the life of their physical body.
On the grand scale, you can only do one thing at a time! I am not talking about multitasking here.
Those citizens who are part of law enforcement body can ONLY enforce the law and they have no time to perform labour aimed on collection of nutrients as the moment they turn away and do that, they fail in controlling as part of law enforcement process!
If you remember we had 9 people left in our country equation, i think you will agree that there is no way to divide 9 biological bodies to form equal number of people. On the same note the set up where you will have 5 ordinary citizens who collect nutrients for 10 will not work as 4 law enforcement officers can only monitor 4 ordinary citizens and if 5th chooses to collect nutrients for his own needs only, the tyrant king will starve to death.
Due to this you have a situation where 4 ordinary citizens forced to produce enough labour that will sustain lives of 10. Clearly that is not balanced equation and it places huge strain upon 4 ordinary citizens. History is full of revolutions and the killings of tyrants as it is only a matter of time before those who gather nutrients are no longer prepared to be slaves. Look into the world history, all around the world the pattern just keeps repeating itself.
If only you could trick those 4 ordinary hard working citizens into thinking that there is no EVIL “KING” who is issuing the orders. That it is themselves collectively who makes decisions on how to live their lives, what rules they need and it will be themselves who will reap all benefits as long as there is a HEALTHY LAW ENFORCEMENT body in existence.
Let’s call it DEMOCRACY!
Who cares about kings, we the people of LAW enforcement get the same benefit as a king and we do not have to crawl on our knees collecting mushrooms and berries. Of cause we have to sit and monitor those who collects nutrition’s, not like a king who does nothing at all, still it is way better than going to the sea fishing or cleaning shite from the cow. Let’s dispense with the king in order to trick those ordinary workers to think that they are in control.
I am not suggesting that the politician, councillor, police officer or soldier thinks this way, no nothing like that.
Let’s look at this video by Philip George Zimbardo who is a psychologist and a professor emeritus at Stanford University. He became known for his 1971 Stanford prison experiment.

If politician, councillors, police officers or soldiers did see their own actions as possibility of abuse of ordinary people, there would be a small chance that someone would say it is unfair, there has to be another, better way! All they are doing is protecting their source of income which as it happens must be brought to them by someone else’s labour as they chosen not to take part in the collection of the nutrients. It is not Police or Government at fault, all 10 people played their part and created the LEGAL ENTITY that they call their country, this entity does not exist in the physical world it is in the realms of imagination as the country is only an intellectual concept that only exist in people’s minds, yet this concept requires sacrifices of labour in our physical world by physical people in order to keep concept of the COUNTRY alive in the realms of imagination.
I find it comical that in so called Christian countries they operate legal systems that derive from the Roman system of Law. Jesus Christ was under jurisdiction of the Roman legal system and was prosecuted by the same legal system. By Roman LAW he could not be crucified for being god and the king of the kingdom in havens, even if something like that was stated or written somewhere. There was no law that forbade him to be a god, remember at the time Romans were not Christians! The crowd wanted him to be crucified so Roman Governor, Pilate let them do so in fear of riots (Mathews 27:1) without any LEGAL reasons or due process. If you disregard the LAW for some personal benefit while you are there to enforce the LAW, this is called CORRUPTION!
There we have it; Christian countries embrace corrupt system of LAW that failed to protect Jesus Christ! To make it even more hilarious, they give you bible in the courts on which to swear the oath.
When we look back at the situation that we discussed before where 5 law enforcement people decided to get rid of the King in order to trick workers to belief in the DEMOCRACY, if in this equation you replace the king by GOD, you will see an out dated model that existed before and used to dominate the world.
Thank “GOD” we have democracy now! We are so evolved, aren’t we?