To understand economy and economic processes one must understand money. We must define what money is otherwise there is no way of understanding it.
The Oxford English dictionary defines money as; – A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively: and/or the assets, property, and resources owned by someone or something; wealth:

I do not agree with that 100%, but more on that later, now we should see and understand clearly the benefit of existence and purpose of money.
There is only one beneficiary from the existence of money and that is a human being. Pigeons, rabbits, fish and bees do not care about money.

If for a moment, you can begin to consider yourself as multidimensional being whose body operates in the physical world and mind operates in the realms of imagination and fantasy which is the realm outside of physical existence. Everything will start to make more sense to you if you can accept it as a fact.
From the point of view that is located in this physical reality, money in the form of coins, papers or lumps of gold are meaningless to you. From the perception of an imaginary conceptual reality money is valuable because it is your mind that gives the value to the money. If you value one thing you can exchange it for something else that you also value.

There is no one who can disagree with me that our body exist in the physical reality, that we are experiencing this physical reality though our body. If your mind operates in the realm of conceptual, imaginary reality, it is apparent that your mind can put values even on the things that only exist only in that fantasy world. Another way of saying this, is that current MONEY is nothing other than a value. What really matters, is the value that we put on anything that is important to us!
We already agree on the fact that our bodies exist in the physical world. So let’s look at what is valuable in this physical reality, what will sustain the life of that body of yours? There are only three answers to that, nutrition, reproduction and shelter.
Please see that having nutrition, shelter or someone to reproduce with will not automatically mean that your body will sustain life, something else must happen. If you sit in a garden full of fruit trees and berries beside a granite house and DO nothing, your body will die very shortly.
You must pick those berries and put them in your mouth, you must chew them and swallow them in order that your body gains the benefit from them, in the same way you must stand up and go inside the house if you want to gain the benefit of its shelter.

The only REAL MONEY that exists is LABOUR!  Without labour there is no way to supply nutrients to your body, when you are ill you rely on the labour of your friends and family to support you until you get well.
Our current economy revolves around Money that only exists in conceptual reality and has no proportional correspondence to physical reality at all. We have Banks who create money when someone borrows from them. Until someone walks into the bank and asks for a loan, this money does not exist! Until someone comes and says I will owe the bank, THERE IS NO MONEY!

For the service of simply registering that you wish to owe money, you have to pay the bank a percentage of the amount in the form of interest. The bank has created nothing, you have simply created a debt and now you owe the bank, the bank is your slave master, as if you decided to stop work in the coal mine and become an artist the bank will throw you out of your house if you are unable to make those payments. The bank will sell the house at any price they want and you will still be owned by the bank as you still liable for the shortfall. I don’t know if you have realised already, but the BANK is an entity that only exists in the conceptual reality too, you and your house are both in the physical reality. Now you have a demon (An entity from outside of physical reality) that controls you in this physical reality.
In physical reality it is impossible to accumulate wealth, it is impossible to collect money. In this physical reality your wealth is your own skills, friends and your family. They are those who will be willing to sacrifice their own labour in order to support you.
On the other hand, the economy, complete with banks and money exists only in conceptual reality and it dictates what must happen in the physical world because we value false “money”.

Let’s look at a simplified model which is not 100% accurate as to how banks operate. They are much more wicked than that.

Let’s imagine that we have one bank and 10 citizens who are part of that economic system. The king is the banker; he is the only one who can create money. If the Bank has created 1000 units and it has 10 citizens/customers, then the moment when someone borrows 100 units from the bank, the remaining 900 become more valuable as there are less of them. On the same hand if someone makes profit and does not spend this profit the value of the rest of the money will rise as there is less Money in the pot. At the same time if you have less money in the bank, it will be harder to get them as you have to work more in order to generate the same amount of value to match perceived value of papers, bars of gold or digits in account that are available in the bank.

If too many people are struggling to get money they will want to stop playing the banking game so the banker has to create more money in order to de-evaluate existing currency and keep those on low income from reaching their anger threshold. If too much money is created, then all the people will be unhappy as their money will lose its value and they will try to run off to a more successful bank which operates with a different currency.
Obviously if you control the bank that lends money to other banks, then you also control their customers.
To put it in perspective, BANKING is a fine art of swinging carrots on front of stupid donkey‘s to make them run forward.
The solution to everyday problems like the BANKING issue is very hard to see as it looks almost identical to the problem itself. The problems are not the banks or countries and their currency, the problem is that we operate them in the wrong way. We operate a systems where Conceptual entities control Physical beings, not the other way around.                The moment we change that, we will have a fully functional world without poor or rich, without taxes and duties, without parasites like kings and bankers.
No political party will ever implement this banking system as YOU will be in control of the money that you create and you will only spend this money on what is beneficial to your physical existence. Not to pay for the existence of some conceptual entity like a party or their wars.

If you have people who want to create a true and fair economy, then you will need to create the conceptual currency of that conceptual society based on the total number of hours in labour that the group of biological people can produce in this physical reality, considering the age of everyone in the group!
The cost for goods and services will be directly dependant on the amount of labour it took to deliver those goods to the customer and if someone should try to make a profit in this natural/physical world, the physical world will self regulate in the form of free market competition.
A banker should not be creating money, but rather one who conducts accountancy services. So when you wish to purchase a new house you won’t need ask a bank for a loan, effectively you will ask the builder or home owner for the loan, banks will only make a record of who owes who. The rest of systems will automatically re adjust and will function properly based on natural rules of life where you cannot transfer a risk that rises from your action onto someone else’s shoulders. A true economy is one where everything is self organising, self balancing and governed by competition and is a free market in essence.             When a new member joins such a society, the total amount of money in the pot should be raised according to the amount of labour that can be produced by that individual and when someone leaves, the same thing should happened in relation to reducing the total available sum.
If Police, Hospitals, Schools, Fire and Rescue services are independent of budget but operate like a business where they will only make money from servicing their customers, then the size of those organisations, profit, and quality of their service will be controlled by the free market. If there are too many police officers and not enough plumbers then plumbers will have the same size piece of cake as the police but there will be less of them to eat it. It will be a self balanced process that is controlled by demand and competition of the free market.
As you can see, in this system there is no place for politicians, in fact this system can only exist if there are no politicians and the system operates in a true free market environment. Everyone and anyone should be free to join or leave that system as they please. Being born on a certain geographical territory should not indicate that a person should be forced into any system against their will. The proposed system will function based on the rules of natural existence. There are no social services in nature and there are no pensions.
It can only work if every individual person is a part of this society at their own free will and not by the force of others. Such a society should only cater for its members and should recognise that anyone can join or leave as they wish. Such a Society, Economy or Country is a conceptual LEGAL entity and should not be projected into the landmarks of the planet which exist in the physical reality.
The country itself is an intellectual entity that exists in a conceptual world of imaginary reality. This entity should be a slave to the real physical human beings.
The creation cannot be above its creator, as is happening today where imaginary conceptual entities control physical human beings by creating and controlling money.
So if you have managed this far down the page, you are probably thinking that i am painting a very dull and brutal society as you do not understand where in such a harsh system there is room for kids elderly or disable people.
If you look at the life of a person you can say that the average lifespan is around 70 years. Until the age of 16 this person is educated, then from 16 to 60 they work.
Nowadays we have changed the meaning of many words and it leads us into trouble as we do not understand what we are. If you look at a dictionary you will see that the word “person” defines both a live human being and/or a corporation.
Both corporations and companies are LEGAL entities, they are not within this physical reality! The assets like buildings, cars and so on are physical but the actual corporation only exists in the realms of imagination within the legal world on pieces of paper and in the minds of people.
Today every citizen of every country also has a business, a corporation that he or she is operating. That corporation is often confused with the real biological human being.

Humans are multidimensional beings, we exist in physical reality and we can access realms of imaginations. When you look at “your” passport what you actually see is a conceptual legal entity that manifested itself in this physical world in the form of bits of paper that are stapled together. Humans can access those conceptual realms of existence, be there as long as they want and create in them whatever they want as conceptual ideas have no limits. Those conceptual entities that exist in the realms of imagination can only manifest itself in this physical world in form of information that can be painted, written or made audible. They cannot exist here unless live human beings decide to start acting as one of those entities, then the conceptual entity can act up on physical things through the controlling of the biological being.
When we talk about an economy and how we should make a system where money is created by live people and the sum of that money should be proportional to the total amount of labour that people of that society can produce, then in theory we will have 26+ years of time when individual persons are alive but are not working. Considering that they will stop work at 60 as discussed before.
If we create an additional sum of money equivalent to 26 working years per person (let’s call it commercial money) and keep this money in a separate pot from the working money then we can lend that COMMERCIAL imaginary money to imaginary concepts like corporations and companies.
We will be the masters of those intellectual concepts and they will need to pay interest on the money they borrow from us, they will also have to pay taxes to us and we will be able to use that money to pay for the needs of kids elderly and disabled human beings who cannot produce labour.
I do not know your thoughts after reading this, whether you find it valuable or total nonsense. I think you will agree that you have to produce labour if you want to gain any benefit in life at all. This website is a product of my labour in order to get the benefit of living amongst people who will realise who they really are, so they will no longer be an obstruction to me living my physical life as I desire.

What steps will you take to make YOUR LIFE in the way you want it to be?