As creatures who try to understand the nature of existence we came up with the theory of the BIG BANG. This website site is all about the LITTLE BANG, it is about the bang that happens within every one of us and without which the BIG BANG is totally irrelevant. Without the little bang the BIG BANG is meaningless.

I am talking about the Little Bang that happens within you when you REALISE something. Not learning something new or something is right, nothing like that at all. It is about the realisation that hits you like a steaming train, the one that makes you sweat, the one that makes you feel like the Earth stops turning for a moment.

Usually it happens with the things that we already know and understand and then at some point we also REALISE them. I was told a story about a parachutist who purchased equipment and got it all assembled by a qualified person abroad, came home from holidays and was using his new parachute system on numerous occasions  over period of time that is permitted before mandatory regular inspection of equipment. During this inspection it was discovered that his reserve canopy was NOT ATTACHED to anything, it was simply there in the bag like groceries in your shopping basket.

If he were to encounter a situation where a problem might have developed with his main parachute that would force him to use his reserve, he would be dead as his reserve was not attached to the rest of the system.

As a jumper he knew that parachuting is a high risk sport and can result in heavy injury or death. There was nothing new in that to him. Yet this is a description of the situation that provides you with the opportunity to REALISE and experience that LITTLE BANG that we will discuss on this site.

Most people on this planet live their lives totally confident that they know who they are, the vast majority never even ask themselves the question “WHO or WHAT am I?”

Can you ever know or realise who you really are if you never even ask the question? The answer is obvious

Some may say why is it so important to know who or what you REALLY are? Why i should disregard what i know already?  The answer to that, you will find in your life experience. Try to remember a moment in your life when you were going somewhere and half way there you REALISED that you were heading in the wrong direction. Your first and natural reaction is to STOP, reassess where you are and make a correction. When you start to think about time before you stopped walking you will REALISE that you were walking in the wrong direction with total confidence that it was right direction to go.

There is no way to determine whether you are right or wrong as it is subjective to a point of view and a period in time along with some other unknown circumstances! (Like if you going to meet your friend Mark at the cafe but you wrongly went to park. Unknown to you Mark also went to park due to something unexpected that happened at the last minute. When you meet Mark in the park you where right to go to the park even so it was the totally wrong thing to do as you where walking.)

I think that you will agree with me that you cannot get anywhere without knowing where you are at this moment, unless you are planning to get to your destination by accident.


Generally speaking you can divide all people in three groups, those who believe:

  1. I am my soul.
  2. I am my body.
  3. I am my mind.

Let’s look at the concept of the soul, it is something that we cannot observe in nature. We cannot segregate it, allocate it or even measure it. We can only believe in its existence, we can only believe in things that do not exist in this natural physical world as if they where existent here then we are able to quantify, measure and experiment with them. Most importantly the physical world provides us with a reality check as soon as we start experimenting with our beliefs. If you start to believe that you can fly, the moment you climb onto a high spot and leap off, the nature will give you reality check that you will never forget.

If we start talking about beliefs we will get nowhere as everyone has their own and it is backed up by nothing other than blindness to the fact that there is no confirmation of it in this physical reality, another way of saying it is it’s not real in correlation to all physical existence. I think that this is enough information to rest my case about “I am my soul”

Let’s look into “I am my body”, so before we start on this one i would like to ask you one simple question. When you are walking on the streets or driving after rain and see rain puddles on the side of the road do you have an immediate desire to make sure that those puddles are properly shaped and clean from any contaminations or dirt? That sounds like a very strange question to ask until you remember the absolute fact that those rain puddles is made by water. According to medical books your body consists of approximately 86% water. We also know that we consume around 1.5 to 3 litres of water per day and we lose the same amount from sweating and using the toilet. We also know that the water we drink and absorb into our body will completely leave the body over 6 week’s period. Based on those facts, do you experience yourself as 86% different or new in comparison to what you were 6 weeks ago? Do you start to see the flaws in this concept?

You may say “I am my body” as i can fill it and i can control it. Would you consider yourself a washing machine only because you can turn it on, open and close the door or have the ability to destroy it? There are thousands of different processes that happen in your body at any moment in time and because you can control a hand full of them you have decided that YOU are the body! Does that still look to you like the truth?

Please have look at the video of a lecture in University of Glasgow by professor   V.S. Ramachandran . I guarantee you will be surprised by how your body performs in certain experiments and what sort of things YOU can perceive or deceive to be YOU!



If you got as far down the page as to read this, you have probably already realised that you are not your body and some of you even managed to escape the cold deadly grip of common religions. I understand that some of you may have found a satisfactory explanation for something illusive like the expression; i am the energy that is spread out through universe. I think i am correct to say that this still doesn’t give you a 100% a satisfactory answer as it is not something that you can confirm with your own life experience.

Most people live and do everything they can to be happy.


Everyone thinks that they will be happy if they get the latest model of mobile phone, if they will have that particular car or immigrate to any particular country, we totally forget about all of those previous “If I can only have…” that we already desired and got before now.

Let’s have a look at the video of this surprising unplanned experiment that was observed by scientist from the best seat in the house. I hope you will realise where happiness happens and what really makes you happy.



Finally, we have reached the point where we will discuss “I am my mind”. Undoubtedly this is the hardest one to get by and no matter what I tell you, it will never change a thing as it totally depends on your desire to know who you really are. This is a moment that i described before, you ARE walking somewhere and we will need that LITTLE BANG to happen so that you can REALISE, stop and look around at everything you have already seen and know from a totally different perspective.

You need to realise WHO YOU REALLY ARE in order to know WHERE YOU ARE if you are planning to get somewhere purposely.

Normally we think that we are not very good at multi tasking, however in our daily life we often combine many task ‘s at the same time without thinking that it is a multi tasking at all. We can drive, listen to the radio and have a conversation with our friend at the same time and we are confident that we do so with complete awareness and control.

Please have a look at this scientist and his experiments with awareness and control.

If you read this text you can speak English, quite possibly you can speak more than one language. Let’s look at your life experience and see what we can find there, possibly something that you have missed or did not see before.

When you speak to people, you use language. When you dream you have conversations in language. When you think, plan or analyse something you also do that with the aid of language even if vocally you are silent. All of those things happen in YOUR mind. No one can deny that when we speak we always concentrate on forming idea’s and thoughts in order to express what we want. Now you already know what happens when you concentrate on something.

What will your life experience be, if you STOP USING LANGUAGE?


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